Talking to Children About Gender Identity – it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

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Lets start by being absolutely clear – the issue of gender and gender identity is not new.   The increase in public conversation and media debate is not an indication that ‘gender identity’ itself is a trend but that talking about it is.   What we are experiencing is a new level of consciousness or awareness.   Gender and gender identity has been … Read More

The World is (Not) Falling Apart

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  Recent news would have us believe our wold is falling apart – terror attacks, national disasters, parliament in disarray, child sex abuse scandals, plane crashes.  It’s nearly impossible to turn on the TV, open up a web browser or scroll through Facebook without being assaulted with notifications of another terror attack or disaster.  I know, like many of you, … Read More

You have to kill the excuses before they kill you!   5 things I wish I’d known 20 years ago.

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What follows is an edited and adapted article written by David Wong for Cracked in 2012.   It has had more than 25 million views online.   While 4WordSolutions does not agree with everything written, the overall message has a strong and valuable point and the delivery is invigorating.   Enjoy . . . .   Feel free to stop reading this if … Read More

Breaking the Teacher-Student Conflict Cycle: 5 Steps You Can Take Now

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Look to the grown-ups first! The key to improving student behaviour is changing the way teachers and administrators react. This is the second in a three-part series on Building Positive School Culture, sponsored by Boys Town. To read the first article, click here.  Devon enters your classroom with his head down and his stride slow. You look at him and say, “Good … Read More

Teen Coaching – when teens ‘get stuck’

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Youth coaching is a branch of life coaching. It is designed to encourage personal development in young people while providing an outlet for their stresses and anxieties. Sometimes young people can feel like they are stuck on a never ending rollercoaster. The expectations they have on themselves, as well as the pressures of fitting in, growing up and planning a … Read More

Men Do It Better!!

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Men may have evolved better ‘making up’ skills By Matt McGrathEnvironment correspondent 4 August 2016 From the sectionScience & Environment Share Image copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionResearchers say that men spend longer touching and embracing after conflicts such as professional boxing Men’s historical dominance of the workplace may, in part, be because of their ability to reconcile with enemies after conflict, a … Read More

When Only One Person Will Mediate

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    Coaching / One to One Support   What follows is an illustration of what 4WordSolutions can offer when one party refuses to Mediate or withdraws from Mediation   The Issue Initially a mediation referral for two parties from a local housing provider, which became a coaching case when one of the parties decided that they did not wish … Read More

How to be a Great Communicator

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Written by Mary Busch If you could choose just one ability to excel at to help you succeed in your career and life, what would that be? Over the course of my career, I might have said leadership, confidence, strategic thinking or any number of equally credible choices.   My answer would depend on the day I was asked. But … Read More

Knowing your options when you’re owed money.

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Small businesses are owed an average of more than £30k each.   Research also indicates that six in 10 companies have been negatively affected by late payments, at a cost of £677 a month on average. Going ballistic if someone owes you money may be tempting but there are other ways. There are people who are brilliant at getting whatever monies … Read More