Simply put, negotiation is a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement. Many people consider negotiation to be a process that allows only one party, the one in position of power, to ‘win’. The other party is forced to accept something of lesser value. This is ‘barter’. A real negotiation implies a ‘win-win’ situation in which all parties are satisfied. Where Mediation may be thought of as ‘assisted negotiation’, negotiation may be thought of as ‘communications for agreement.’

Commonly, when parties are focusing on their own interests and seek to achieve the best possible outcome for themselves, negotiation is the process of choice. In negotiation persuasion is used to get the other party to agree. However, some negotiations fail because the parties cannot work with each other. Negotiations may also fail because the parties have too many conflicts. When the parties can’t agree, they reach a deadlock or impasse. Often, when negotiations reach an impasse, the parties try mediation.

4Word Solutions is able to support you or your company in negotiation by assisting you to prepare, to clarify your goals and BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated outcome), formulate your discussion (put forward your case as you see it), secure an agreement and reality test the course of action to be implemented. Where many negotiators expect clients to adopt a passive role in negotiations, my aim would be to support you in taking an active role as I consider that your objectives are best safeguarded by your active participation in the negotiations. Professional negotiation consultants should work for you and not the other way around.

I can either :

Attend negotiations with you and engage with the discussions.

Sit in negotiations but mainly as an observer.

Not attend the negotiations but provide coaching and suggestions for you beforehand.

You choose the level of support required. If you are not sure, contact me and we can talk it over for free.

Depending on the context, scope and depth of the situation to be negotiated, a certain expertise and knowledge of the issues may be required. As such my depth of knowledge may not suffice and an expert witnesses will be required. I can assist you in sourcing and consulting with expert witnesses.

Where the complexity of a negotiation is such that the requirements exceed my skills and expertise as a negotiator, I will aim to signpost you towards an appropriate agent.